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Bob Sherwood Landscaping 

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Landscape Materials

All pricing is per cubic yard and is subject to change



One cubic yard covers 100 square feet three inches deep.

Mulches and Chips

Dark Blend - $35

A blend of spruce and fir bark that has been aged to give it a rich, dark brown color. Our best seller!

Natural Hemlock - $38

100% pure hemlock bark from Maine sawmills that has a natural red color providing an excellent contrast around trees and shrubs

Midnight - Aged Hemlock - $40

This 40-50 year old bark has been sitting in an unprocessed stockpile for years creating a very dark mulch with a neutral pH and an earthy aroma. It looks almost black when wet, but once it dries it's more of a chocolate brown color.

Dyed Red Cedar - $40
Dyed Black - $40

A mixture of softwoods, including northern white cedar, has been tinted with an environmentally safe colorant.

Kid-safe Playground Chips - $38

Made of northern white cedar that has been finely ground and tinted with an environmentally safe colorant for a rich red color.

100% wood fibers that provide excellent shock absorption for both private and public playgrounds. The U.S. Consumer Safety Products Commission recommends this mulch for all playground areas. Click here for certification information.

3/4" Crushed Granite - $27

Wood Chips - $10

When available, these wood chips are brought to us by local tree companies and consist of branches and tree limbs that have gone through a chipper. They are coarse and can contain sticks and leaves.


3/4" Crushed Blue Stone - $40

This stone is slate blue in color, and is considered a more decorative stone than the crushed granite. Is typically used for driveways and drip edges.

Blended Round Stone - $35

This is a mixture of brownish tan round stones of various sizes. Commonly referred to as River Rock, this product is best used in decorative areas. Size, color and availability may vary, so you will want to visit our location to look at it.

This stone is mostly gray in color, and can be used for driveways, drip edges and for drainage issues.

Compost - $32

100% organic compost made from leaves, yard trimmings, seafood wastes, food residuals and animal manures composted 6-9 months, and then screened to 3/8".

Super Loam - $30

Screened Loam - $24

Super loam is a 50/50 blend of 100% organic compost and 3/8" screend loam. This product is great for use in vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. 

Screened to 3/4", but can have some rocks and sticks that get through the screen. Best used for new lawns, lawn repair, and filling in holes.

Blue Stone Dust - $42

Blue stone that has been crushed fine to create a level base for pavers, walkways, retaining walls and under pools. It compacts well, and is finer that the Tan Stone Dust. Most contractors prefer to use this stone dust.

Tan Stone Dust - $27

Is primarily granite that has been crushed fine to create a level base for pavers, walkway retaining walls and under pools. It compacts well, but is coarser that the Blue Stone Dust.

3/4" Crushed Gravel - $21

A mixture of 3/4" crushed stone and sand that packs well. Is used for driveways, and to create a base for patios and walkways.

All Purpose Sand - $25

This screened sand is very coarse and has not been washed. Can be used for a wide variety of projects such as under pavers, in sandboxes and mixed with concrete

Bank Run Sand - $15

Bank run sand can be used for back filling. Can have a lot of rocks in it.

Fill - $10

Our fill is for sale on an as-available basis. Can range from uncreened loam to other materials.

Rip rap - $30

Main use is for erosion control. Much larger in size in comparison to our 3/4" crushed stone. For sale on an as-available basis.

Where We Deliver

Rates and Towns

(Rates subject to change)


Local Delivery: $40 Per Trip


Dover, Durham, Lee, Madbury, Rollinsford, Somersworth, Newington


Non-local Delivery: $55 Per Trip


Barrington, Berwick, ME, Eliot, ME, Newmarket, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Rochester, S. Berwick, ME


Other Delivery Areas: $70 Per Trip


Farmington, Greenland, Kittery, ME, Lebanon, ME, Milton, New Castle, N. Berwick, ME, Northwood, Strafford, Stratham


For other areas not listed, delivery rate will be determined when the order is placed.


No Sunday deliveries, Saturday deliveries are local only.

Delivery Information: Our Trucks need a minimum of 10 feet width and 15 feet height clearance, and weigh over 30,000 pounds. Trucks are heavy; we assume no responsibility for property damage. We are not responsible for moving materials once they are dumped if area is not properly marked. Please check area where product is to be delivered to make sure there are no overhead power lines, low tree limbs, septic tanks, leach fields, etc. Smaller trucks may be requested - Maximum of 3 yards of aggregate, and 5 yards of mulch. Maximum 7 yards of aggregate, 10 yards of mulch/chips per delivery with our larger trucks. Material prices do not include delivery. One yard of aggregate weighs approximately 1.5 tons.


All products are sold as is. Soil, mulches, and all aggregates are natural products, and can vary with each delivery. We assume no responsibility for color or size variation, texture, and moisture content of products. We have no control over by-product due to the equipment used for the screening and crushing process, or delivery from outside vendors. Prices for materials and deliveries are subject to change without notice, we will update pricing on this site as soon as we can.

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