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Bob Sherwood Landscape Company, LLC of Dover, NH is a full service landscape company offering a wide variety of landscaping products like mulch, stone, and loam to name but a few.


We sell most any quantity to Contractors, Businesses and Homeowners. All of our products can be delivered or picked up in our yard.


Please browse our pages to see what we have to offer then e-mail, fax, or call our office to schedule your landscaping order with one of our knowledgeable staff. We look forward to serving you soon!!

All of our bark mulches are unmatched as ground coverings with excellent color and consistency enhancing it's appeal to your landscaping needs. Our all-natural bark contains no harmful pesticides, creosotes, chemicals or wood waste. When applied before the growing season, bark mulch works as a superb pre-emergent weed control with high moisture retention abilities.

Our loam, compost and Superloam are great for planting in flower beds and gardens.

We offer many different options for aggregate materials to satisfy your drainage, aesthetic and construction needs. Click here for pricing and descriptions of our materials.

Click here for a list of the services we offer.

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